Tecniseal 365 Pool Data Sheet

Product Description TECNISEAL 365 is a premium quality, ready-for-use, one-component sealant which reacts with atmospheric moisture at room temperature to form an elastic rubber like seal.
Typical Applications Durable sealing of connecting and expansion joints in swimming pool areas.
Properties TECNISEAL 365 is an extremely resistant special sealant for sealing under water joints and connecting joints in swimming baths. TECNISEAL 356 is neutral curing, resistant to weathering, ageing and UV-radiation, fungicidal, bactericidal, resistant to water, rub resistant and resistant to chemicals.
Application Adhesion surfaces must be clean, dry, sound and free of dust and release agents. Do not use primer on glass and glazed surfaces. Use Primer B&N CON FDF for porous surfaces. Please refer to Primer Chart for recommended surface preparation. Do not expose sealant to water before it is fully cured.
Cure System Neutral    
Density Approx. 1.0-1.2 g/cm 3 DIN 52451  
Application Temperature +5°C to +40°C    
Service Temperature -60°C to +180°C DIN 52455-4  
Hardness Shore A Approx. 20 DIN 53505 ASTM D 2240-68
Modulus at 100 % Extension  Approx. 0.35 N/mm 2 DIN 52455-2 EN 28 340
Elastic Recovery Approx. 100 % DIN 52458 EN 27 389
Movement Accomodation 25 %    
Viscosity Non sagging DIN 52454 EN 27 390
Skin Formation Time 15 to 30 minute    
Cure Rate Approx. 2 mm/24 h    
Ignition Point Approx. 450°C DIN 51794  
Safety Labelling Not required    
Specifications Meets requirements of Paint compatibility DIN 51794
DIN 18545-E
DIN 52452-4/A1
D5 sealant according to IVD Instruction Sheet No. 9 (IVD German Sealant Manufacturers´ Association)
Standard Colours White, grey, manhattan
Packaging 310 ml plastic cartridges, 20-cartridges/carton case.
Storage Store in cool and dry conditions in original packaging.
Shelf life 18 months.
Precautions see EC Security Data Sheet. Keep away from children. Avoid skin and eye contact. After contact with skin or eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. Ensure adequate ventilation. The above specifications are the result of careful research and development. All previous specifications are hereby null and void. Users are themselves responsible for ensuring the suitability of the product for the purpose intended, liability on the part of B&N PRODUCTS being limited to the purchase price of the material. B&N PRODUCTS cannot accept liability for damage, in particular that caused by the use of the product or its unsuitability, nor can B&N PRODUCTS accept responsibility for unauthorized recommendations or guarantees which deviate from or exceed the specifications given in this procuct data