First remove all grout, sealant or other residues from joint area. Sweep or vacuum joint to remove any loose dirt. Wipe over with cloth dipped in acetone or thinners to remove final dust from surface. For maximum adhesion surface must be clean, dry and sound.

1Cut seal, cut nozzle at 45', attach to tube and place tube in gun. Trail Tecniseal sealant behind nozzle to fill joint completely. For optimal joint movement, use backer rod to ensure sealant adheres only to the two working surfaces. 
         Build up vertical joints with silicone from bottom, working up, and be sure Smoothfix does not contact before silicone is applied. Apply only as much silicone as can be worked before skin forms - up to 10mins, depending on temperature. 

2   Fill joint with Tecniseal silicone sealant then, using a light pressure, brush on liberal amounts of Smoothfix leaving the last 2cm Smoothfix free. This allows the next section of silicone to adhere to the last.

3  Use Applicator, frequently dipped in Smoothfix, to remove excess silicone and form a smooth neat joint without the need for masking tape. 
By varying the angle, the Applicator can be used to remove more, or less, silicone and achieve the joint size required. Removed excess silicone cannot be re-used and should be disposed of thoughtfully. 
4  For the final touch-up use your finger, dipped in Smoothfix, to lightly smooth over the joint for that professional finish

For further information, see backs of TecniSeal "A" and TecniSeal "M" tubes or Product Data Sheet.